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Gjesteinnlegg : indisk julebord

Julebord sesongen er i gang, også hos Masalamagic. Her kommer et gjesteinnlegg fra noen hyggelige mennesker som hadde julebord hos oss.

In December 2013, I was asked to come up with some ideas for the annual “jule-bord”. Prior to this, we had noticed that a number of staff (both male and female) had admitted to not being able to cook so we decided to try a cookery class. The choice fell on Masalamagic – one reason being that many of us like spicy food. When the idea was first floated around the office, I must admit that there were many who felt that this was not a very good idea at all - “We are supposed to be having fun, not cooking!”
At Masalamagic, we were met by Niru, our host and the proprietor, who welcomed us and made us feel comfortable. She started by telling us the background of Masalamagaic, how it started etc. and the proceeded to introduce us to the different spices used in Indian dishes. We liked the fact that she passed these around and we were able to feel and smell them. After the introduction, we were divided into groups and following recipes, we cooked the meal for the evening. Comparisons were made and reasons given as to why some dishes were better than the others.
A year later, staff are still talking about the various Indian dishes they have now been inspired to make and what to do to get the perfect nan bread. I would recommend this course to anyone as it, not only bonds staff, it also educates them.

Dette var så koselig å lese! Jeg elsker virkelig jobben min, hver eneste dag. Er så heldig som kan leve drømmen min. Ikke minst, er det veldig hyggelig at noen ønsker å ha et indisk julebord :)
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